Moving over from tumblr.

When I was 14 years old, I found myself enmeshed in the beginnings of political awareness. Of course, being such a tender young age, my initial foraging into the world of societal change were liberal as all hell. My radicalization came at a later time, largely thanks to my introduction to tumblr. For that, at least, I can be grateful to the hellish site.

For a long time, I was extremely involved in the world of that blue site, because I was thirsty for information on radical politics, a subject that I had yet to find discussed in-depth anywhere else. The culture of the inner workings of leftist tumblr, however, left me wanting over time. I began to feel as though the format of the website no longer fit my purposes, nor left me feeling fulfilled in my desire to participate in activism.

Six years after I initially created my blog, I am finally electing to move my writings and political discussions over to somewhere that I feel may fit my current needs and wants a bit more. Hopefully, using this platform, I can become more involved once more with the activist community and perhaps even use my experience and time within the ‘movement’ (a term used in a very general sense here) to answer the questions of those just breaking into the world of political activism.

With the rise of fascism in the States and all over the world, many people are finding their political consciences for the first time, and that’s fantastic! If you have any questions that I can answers, please feel free to ask. If there are any subjects you would like me to cover, I’m open to any suggestions.